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"The (Palm Beach County) school district annually trains approximately 375 staff in initial PCM procedures and re-certifies approximately 450 staff. In my 16 years as a PCM instructor, which includes 15 years in my current position, no students or staff have been injured implementing PCM procedures. I am very familiar with other restraint procedures; in fact I was a certified trainer in others. I do not think that any other crisis management programs are as safe, effective, or implemented with the individual's dignity in mind. PCM is a complete crisis management system in which the verbal de-escalation is as important as any physical interventions. PCMA staff are always available via telephone and e-mail to answer any of our questions or to provide assistance...It is without hesitation that I would recommend Professional Crisis Management to any school district or institute that has exceptional students with various degrees of dangerous behaviors."

Pamela R. Tepsic
Director of Special Education

"Staff injuries are WAY down since we adopted PCM. Our staff turnover is WAY down as well. I believe the practical testing strategies used in the PCM classes work well."

Brent Smith

"We have had great success with PCM at our organization. I love the emphasis on prevention and other non-physical strategies. We use applied behavior analysis at our school, so I think it's great that PCM training parallels our own staff training."

Dana Wilson
Resource Specialist

"I became acquainted with Fred and Lisa Schmidt years ago while attending a Florida Association for Behavior Analysis Conference in Orlando, Florida.
They presented their Scan Graphix system at the conference and I was quite impressed with its capabilities. I presented the software to my ESE section and they, too, were impressed and we decided to purchase a number of site licenses and 20 scanners to accommodate the needs of our district. At the time I was hand charting data on well over 80 students and was looking for a way to lighten this load. Scan Graphix was the answer and still is.
Our Scan Graphix system has worked flawlessly over time. The few technical issues the software presented were handled in a timely and professional manner and system down time was never more than a day in better than 4 years. That’s excellent. System installation was quick and efficient and maintenance quite minimal.
I would strongly recommend Scan Graphix to anyone needing to handle and display data for a large number of clients across multiple locations in a timely, cost-effective and efficient manner."

Chip Bryan
Behavior Analyst

"As a beginning teacher, I was working at a SED Center school and was trained as a Practitioner 2 in PCM. Knowing the personal safety techniques and prevention strategies enabled me to avoid being injured and to maintain calm in my classroom in the midst of a crisis."

Joanne Thornton
SEDNET Specialist

"In our district we have 26 trainers certified to instruct Basic BehaviorTools courses. Our trainers really enjoy training BehaviorTools! Since being trained last year, we have facilitated a total of 14 classes. We currently have 15 dates on the calendar for the upcoming school year and plan to add more classes. Our staff who have taken the training made many positive comments. One thing we hear is that it is the best training they have ever been to! People who have not been to the training are interested in attending because of what they hear from others. I think what makes the BehaviorTools awesome is the fact that it teaches staff what not to do and what to do. It breaks down the information into small bits. The practice and role play help staff learn how to use what is being taught. Having the instructor on the video helps ensure the classes are consistent and uniform. We are really looking forward to being trained and training the second BehaviorTools course!"

Lynn Patti
M. Ed., BCBA/Specialist, Behavioral Disabilities

"I have noticed a decrease in the amount of physical management that we have used since beginning PCM. In my experience, it works well."

Erik Albaugh
Home Manager

"My organization has used PCMA's consulting services to develop and implement a group behavioral incentive system, to provide consultations for individual students and to train our staff. The behavior analysts from PCMA were professional, knowledgeable, and skillful. They provided us with excellent services that were well worth the investment. I would recommend PCMA's consulting services without hesitation to any organization that wants effective programming that get results."

Kenneth L. Cuave
President/Clinical Psychologist

"A small portion of the students at my school would have no other option with regard to education if we did not use PCM. Through regular teaching and Behavior Improvement Plans, in addition to being able to professionally respond to crisis behaviors, these individuals have an opportunity to continue their education."

Sean Tarrant
Behavior Analyst

"PCM has been great for our organization. The tools and skills that we have been taught greatly increased the level of care that we have been able to give to the children and families that we serve."

Dustin Groen
Support Supervisor

"PCM strategies have made a huge impact on reducing the number of actual physical restraints in our facility. The continuum of least restrictive to most restrictive has been very effective in de-escalating our students prior to crisis."

Erin Stabnow
Education Coordinator

"Because of PCM, our school district was able to transition a particularly aggressive student back into public school from a residential facility."

Mark Diconsijlio
School Psychologist

"Use of PCM skills has reduced injuries to staff and individuals while encouraging prevention and de-escalation."

Bruce Hinchliffe

"Having been an instructor for another crisis management system, I can truly say that PCM is superior in all physical and non-physical procedures compared to any systems I've trained or been trained in, or, for that matter, any I have researched."

Paul Gavoni
Behavior Analyst

"Our public school system provides instruction for 50,000 plus students. the Student Response Team provides consultation for up to 5% of that population, many of whom require crisis management and intervention. PCMA has trained staff from our school system for 12 years and as a result, there has been a dramatic reduction in crisis behaviors."

Angie Delloso
Student Response Team

"This was an exceptional experience. The PCMA instructor trainer was thorough, precise, and captivating. I feel very prepared and very confident in implementing procedures. Two thumbs up! I would recommend PCMA to any organization who serves individuals with developmental disabilities and who display problem behaviors. PCM is the best program that I have experienced to serve the needs of our clients with dignity and respect."

Robin Meyers
Assistant Principal

"With PCM training, the school I ran for children with developmental disabilities (and propensities to engage in "crisis behaviors") had ZERO instances of complaints, serious injuries, or accidents for its two years of operation; as a result of the skills our staff was taught."

Chad Kinney