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"I became acquainted with Fred and Lisa Schmidt years ago while attending a Florida Association for Behavior Analysis Conference in Orlando, Florida.
They presented their Scan Graphix system at the conference and I was quite impressed with its capabilities. I presented the software to my ESE section and they, too, were impressed and we decided to purchase a number of site licenses and 20 scanners to accommodate the needs of our district. At the time I was hand charting data on well over 80 students and was looking for a way to lighten this load. Scan Graphix was the answer and still is.
Our Scan Graphix system has worked flawlessly over time. The few technical issues the software presented were handled in a timely and professional manner and system down time was never more than a day in better than 4 years. That’s excellent. System installation was quick and efficient and maintenance quite minimal.
I would strongly recommend Scan Graphix to anyone needing to handle and display data for a large number of clients across multiple locations in a timely, cost-effective and efficient manner."

Chip Bryan
Behavior Analyst

"The Mt. Pleasant Center is currently using the Nexxus Gate, LLC Incident Management System and Restraint Tracking System. These programs have been a life saver! They have saved us an enormous amount of time in entry, tracking and report building. The ability to export the information into a word document has allowed the data and reports to be shared quickly and accurately with the persons and committees that need the information to continue to improve the quality of the services we provide to our residents. The personal service received for adapting the program to meet our needs has been excellent. Nexxus Gate exceeded all expectations for speed, accuracy and a true understanding of what we needed the programs to do! "

Dawn Gilstad
Quality Assurance and Risk Management

"Just a little note to let you know how pleased we have been to receive and work with the Nexxus Gate software. We have appreciated all of your efforts in helping us develop the program to fit our needs. Your willingness and support has been refreshing. The software will make all of the data we collect easier to disseminate and interpret, and lighten the load of the behavior analysts in our facility. They are very excited with the graphing portion of the program and we are excited to show the results at the Local Review Committee. We look forward to a long relationship with your company."

John Ross

"We are an independently owned facility that provides behavioral programming for adults and children with challenging behaviors. When we started the program 4 years ago we looked for a method of data collection that would be cost effective, would give us options in the data presentation, and would decrease the amount of time we had to spend in data analysis or data entry. Several systems did not meet our three points of criterion; cost effective, user friendly and allow us different options in the data presentation. When we reviewed the CARES system, it fulfilled all three requirements. Since we have started using the system we have been extremely pleased with the service and the program. Whenever we have issues or questions they have been readily available and have always returned our calls within 24 hours. They have made adjustments to the program based on our feedback and we have yet to present them with a request that they could not accommodate or present us with a viable alternative. Based on the level of service and competence we would strongly recommend PCMA software solutions to any behavioral facility."

Richard J Thomson