PCMA COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Adjustments


  1. PCMA Certifications extensions for all PCM instructors and practitioners
  2. For grace period ending between March 16, 2020 and June 30, 2020, the grace period is extended an additional 90 days.

    This one-time extension does not change the annual certification date.

    For those who have already requested and were granted a 30-day extension, this extension is for an additional 60 days only.

    Please log into your PCM database record to verify your extension.

    PCMA will continually re-evaluate this policy and notify you of any adjustments.

  1. Continued availability of PCM and Behavior Tools training materials
  2. The PCMA office is open and available to fill orders

  1. Certification processing
  2. The PCMA office will continue to evaluate training materials that we receive and post results

  1. Training
  2. For those who must conduct training, please see Coronavirus Precautions and PCM Training Recommendations

  1. PCMA upcoming certification and recertification training sessions
  2. PCMA is currently rescheduling upcoming training sessions.

    Please contact the PCMA office via email at PCMA@PCMA.com

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