Goals and objectives are mandatory by regulation for many types of organizations and funding sources.  Facilities and schools must track skills acquisition to maintain funding eligibility. Measurable objectives and goals are a necessary part of this process. All of the PCMA software applications and services offer extensive objective and goal tracking. All of our systems offer graphing and reporting options to assure that goals and objectives are being met and/or show the teams' or professional's response to any lack of progress. Graphs are clear and easy to read and include event and phase lines as well as case notes set to any reporting period.

All of these options are designed to assure that the best possible outcomes are realized both for the persons that are served (be they residents, students, or others) and for the facilities providing supports and services. PCMA has a firm commitment to quality services. Our professionals are always available for consultation on meeting state and federal reporting requirements and PCMA is open to suggestions on making our products better and more responsive to those requirements.